Info about Comic Master
Comic Master is an easy to use Web 2.0 teaching tool for creating original graphic novels and comic books. It will appeal to students in all grade levels and can be used across the curriculum. Now students who love reading graphic novels and comic books can create their own with Comic Master. They can design their own multi-page story with interesting backgrounds, characters, props, and customized text. Stories can be saved and printed out. The user interface of this Web 2.0 teaching tool is very friendly and intuitive. Thought and speech bubbles, props, special effects, and caption boxes are easily added with a simple click-and-drag. Although options for characters and backgrounds are limited, it is a fun site that quickly lets you put together an original comic book or graphic novel. Both popular genres are a fun way to entice reluctant readers into creative writing. The final product is sleek, colorful, and prints out great. You will need to create an account so you can save and reload your comic for editing. An email account is needed. According to Tomaszewski “The popularity of comic-book heroes is apparent from recent box-office returns, and Comic Master takes advantage of that popularity by having students create their own heroes and craft original stories for them. Users go through a step-by-step process that begins with selecting a cell layout and ends with a completely colored comic strip. While the site provides options in terms of character appearance and background design, the story is completely in the hands of students. They can create any kind of scenario, from drama to comedy.”

Do it yourself!
Let’s get started! Click on this link to create your own Comic…

1) On the homepage you will find all the things you can do with Comic Master. Click on the “next” button.

CM 1.jpg

2) Drag and drop the rows to start creating the layout of the comic

CM 2.jpg

3) If you click on the “more” button, you will find more types of rows. Once the rows are ready, click on the “done” button.

CM 3.jpg

4) You will find a list of assets. To start designing the comic start with the backgrounds option
CM 4.jpg

5) Drag and drop the background for each comic frame

CM 5.jpg

6) Once you finish the background click on “main menu” to select the following options. Go to character art to choose your character and the position in which you want them to appear in each frame
CM 6.jpgCM 6 b.jpg

7) Drag and drop the character in each frame
CM 7.jpg

8) Go to speech bubbles or thought bubbles. Drag and drop the speech bubbles you want to include in your comic. By clicking on each bubble you can change the size.
CM 8 a.jpg CM 8 b.jpg

9) Go to caption boxes. Drag and drop the caption boxes you want to include in the frames. By clicking on each box you can change the size.
CM 9 a.jpg CM 9 b.jpg

10) Go to special effects. Drag and drop the special effects you want to include in your comic
CM 9 a.jpgCM 10 b.jpg

11) Go to props to choose things you want to include in the comic. By clicking on each prop you can change the size.
CM 9 a.jpgCM 11 b.jpg

12) Click on each speech/thought bubble and captions at a time and click “T” to edit text.
CM 12.jpg

13) Once you finish, click on the diskette shape button to save your comic
CM 13 b.jpg

1) In pairs, go to and create an account.
2) Create a comic based on the topic Save the earth.
3) Use: can – can’t / must – mustn’t / have to – don’t have to. For example: You must turn off the taps.
4) Once the comic is finished, students change computers to see the final product of their classmates.

Evaluation criteria
- Correct use of modals
- Creativity

By Natalia Sastre