There are some sites like Animoto ( which are a good option to create your own videos with the photos
and images you want to present to your students. The example below about world war II is only 30 sec. long and longer videos require payment.

Once again I practised with my family pictures. Let's post students' work in a portfolio!!! You can find samples of my students' work in our wiki

One of them chose to make his video about her first communion!

Good Pauli...

You may also use once you register you can broadcast anything with your webcam online or post a video you have in any file.
have a look at the one I uploaded on computer literacy.

Using you can ask your students to create a character and make it speek. they may even record their own voice! look at this short trial.

Get a Voki now!

Let your students have fun creating funny videos like this one with . You may even ask them to post it in a wiki and narrate the story behind the video!

Find more good ideas in AUDIO VISUAL TOOLS and in Google Earth video where is explined.