Create a talking squirrel with Fodey

What is Fodey?

Although this site presents the user with several options, for the purpose of this assignment you will only need to become familiar with the fact that Fodey allows you to create what might be called a 'mini-presentation' where (in this case) a squirrel will 'say' whatever you want it to say. In other words, Fodey is a text generator that, as one of its possibilities, allows the user to make a squirrel 'say' that text.

How to use Fodey.

Go to the Fodey site by clicking on This is what the homepage looks like.

fodey 1.jpg

Click on TALKING SQUIRRELS. That will take you to the page below.

fodey 2.jpg

Enter whatever you want the squirrel to say in the empty box, as shown in the screen shot below.

fodey 3.jpg

Click on GENERATE. And admire your work.

fodey 4.jpg

NOTE: copy and save the HTML code in order to be able to return to you work whenever you want.

Why I find Fodey useful.

Swain (2007, p. 882) says that “the act of producing spoken or written language is thinking in progress and is key to learners’ understanding of complex concepts” (cited by Michael Thomas, 2009 p. 50). therefore, students may find in Fodey an appealing tool for the representation of the product of their thinking on one particular issue which worries them.

My sample.

This is a screen shot of my sample with Fodey.


Activity with Fodey.

Topic: student’s choice
Age group: 6th year of secondary school

You have already produced a logo to express a personal concern of yours. Now you will have the chance to expand that concern into a mini presentation by making a squirrel ‘say’ whatever you want it to say about the same topic you had to summarise in your logo.
This is the link to Fodey:

How will this activity be assessed?

  • The use of grammar: structures, collocations, coherence, etc.
  • Vocabulary
  • Originality (due to the high level of subjectivity of this area, this might also be assessed through a self-appraisal interview).