Play Factile- Create your own Jeopardy Game

What is Play Factile?

It is a website in which Jeopardy Games can be created completely by the teacher with the possibility of using pictures even. This website is a very useful alternative for playing Jeopardy. It helps you to present the content you’ve been dealing with, be it a book, grammar lessons, songs, sports etc. in the form of questions and answers. Since it offers the possibility of group work, it fosters cooperative learning since it can be played in big groups, small groups and even in pairs.

Why using Play Factile?

According to SAMR model by Puentedura, the use of this Jeopardy creator would be beneficial when trying to integrate technology in the classroom. This is due to the fact that it allows for task transformation at the modification level, which should be one the teachers' aims when planning for meaningful use of technology. This jeopardy game includes pictures for example and students will have to provide.

According to PLANIED framework, in which there are six dimensions were identified in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to be digitally competent in today's society, students will be placed on "creativity and innovation" and "critical thinking." Students need to put the clues in the game not too easy for their classmates and not too complex for others to be confused by the questions or clues given. There should also be critical thinking, which words are important? Should we include more than one clue? Students need to choose carefully and be confident about their choices.

  • First you need to create an account so you will have to sign up and enter your email address and your password.

5 1.png

  • Click on “games” and then on “new game.”

5 2.png

  • Choose a name to save your game online and type it in the first rectangle.

5 3.png

  • You will see 6 columns that you need to fill in, and you need to add the name of the category in the first square of each. Also, you need to add a title or instruction on the rectangle on top.

5 4.png

  • It is not necessary that you fill in the 6 columns, you will be able to determine how many categories the players will deal with. Just choose the squares you wish and then click on “play game.” You will select how many teams will play and choose team captains for each.
5 5.png

  • Then click on “Skip to Game.” In turns, the teams will choose the category and money they want to win and try to answer your questions. If they answer wrongly, click on X and they will de discounted the amount of money they were trying to win, and if they answer correctly, then click on the tick, and they will win the money.

5 6.png


Age group: 10-12
Level: Elementary
Language school. An hour and a half lesson.


Students will be given different sentences to complete with the Present Simple or Continuous. They will have to focus on the words "TODAY," "NOW," "ON MONDAY/TUESDAY" "ONCE/TWICE A WEEK/DAY/YEAR," "USUALLY./SOMETIMES/ALWAYS "
For example, Mary usually _ (take) the bus to school but today she _ (go) by car.
They will compete in small groups. The one that gets the mayoritiy of correct answers wins.

Web Section

The group that wins will choose between vocabulary and grammar. And the class will be divided into four groups. The idea in this section is for students to create for the others a revision Jeopardy Game. They can include pictures to their games in order to make it more appealing and to add some difficulty to the game. They can search for images in the following websites: PixaBay and Pexels
The will be provided with this example:

Sin título.jpg

When they finish they will interchange their links to work with the other students' Jeopardy games. To make questions they will be advised to work with their books and consult the teacher if there are questions.

What's next

The teacher will play a memory game with some of the actions and vocabulary students have used in order to make a final revision before the test.

Created by Ángeles Illi (INSPT 2015) and Micaela Arnest (INSPT 2017)