ESL Video - Video Tutorial
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ESL Video - Activity

Group: 8th form

Age group: 13 years old

Topic: Music bands

Warm Up: The teacher will conduct a survey by asking the students their favourite music genre and within that genre their favourite music band. The teacher will write students answers on the board and look for coincidences, if any. Also, the teacher will ask the students why their favourite bands attract them. He will encourage the students to try to guess one of his favourite bands first by guessing the genre and then the band.

Web: The teacher will show the students an online quiz made in about one of his favourite bands, The Beatles. He will encourage the students to do it and see how much they score. Then, he will tell them they will have to create a quiz based on their favourite band. For that he will show them a tutorial video which explains how to create a quiz on //
He will specify that students will have to choose a song in which the lyrics are clear, contain no offensive language and in which the topics are appropriate for a school setting. They will have to choose a picture as a cover and will have to provide a brief, captivating description for the quiz.

What Next: Students will send the teacher their quizzes to be corrected and then the teacher will send each student a different quiz for him or her to do. Since students will be listening to a song, they will be using earphones in order not to disturb the others.

Evaluation criteria:
  • Appropriate, conscious and serious use of the tool.
  • Appropriate choices of video and images.
  • Appropriate questions and relations between them and the video.
  • Language use (structures, vocabulary, focus of the activity).

Sample Activity: