What is FlipQuiz?
FlipQuiz is a web page teachers can resort to when designing revision activities. FlipQuiz allows for the creation of show-like games in an easy, attractive way.

What can teachers do with this website?
Instead of designing tradition activities for test revisions, teachers can design an interactive quiz for students to go over course content. By creating a quiz on FlipQuiz, teachers can project questions on the board, grouped by categories and organized according to difficulty, for students to answer. In addition to this, FlipQuiz is particularly interesting because games can be saved for later in case the teacher runs out of time. FlipQuiz is likely to make reviews more interesting and meaningful.

According to Puentedura's SAMR model (2006), the use of this tool would be beneficial when trying to integrate technology in the classroom since it allows for task transformation at the modification level, which should be one the teachers' aims when planning for meaningful use of technology. FlipQuiz meets this requirement by including the possibility of combining multimedia content, in this case images, with text when putting together questions as well as answers.

Furthermore, and according to the Núcleos de Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras (NAP), language learning should be arranged around six different areas, one of which deals with oral production. FlipQuiz fosters this area since it encourages students' participation in a meaningful, challenging way.

Tutorial on How to Use FlipQuiz
Check out How to Use FlipQuiz by Agos Araldi on Snapguide.

Sample Lesson Plan Using FlipQuiz
Age group: 13-15 years old
Language Level: Elementary
Communicative goal: Revising vocabulary & grammar
Vocabulary focus: Revision of course content
Grammar focus: Revision of course content
Facilities: Lessons will be held at the Computer Lab

The class will start with a brief discussion on the vocabulary and grammatical functions dealt with so far in the course. Students will brainstorm as many as they can recall and the teacher will make a note on the board.
Eg. Jobs, Countries & Nationalities, Simple Past, Present Perfect, etc.

Web Session:
The teacher will share the link to the site for the students to explore. Before using the site, they will work on a tutorial and correct some sentences the teacher will provide afterwards to check comprehension.
This task will be carried out in the context of a general revision before an integrative test students will have. The class will work in groups of three/four. Their task will be to design a Quiz on any of the topics that came up in the warmer section for the rest of the class to use as a tool to practise for the exam.
The groups can choose to focus on one of the topics of the course or cover a variety of them. Either way, they will have to come up with suitable questions and answers and they will be asked to add images (which may work as clues) in all the questions. For them to find appropriate images, the teacher will share the following links where they can find copyright-free pictures:
By the end of the lesson, students will have shared the ‘Overview’ link with the teacher by email and will get feedback before the following lesson, based on this rubric:
rubric 5.jpg
rubric 5.jpg

Rubric Made Using:RubiStar ( )
In a follow-up lesson, students will share their games with the class for the other students to play.

What’s Next:
Students will reflect upon different ways of revising before an exam and will share their thoughts about using FlipQuiz as a tool for that purpose.


Done by Agostina Araldi, INSPT-UTN, 2017.