How to Use Story Maker

Why using Story Maker?

StoryMaker a website designed to make students have fun and learn English. In this webpage students can create their own story. Story Maker makes three different types of story: fairy stories, horror stories and science-fiction. Students have to press on the information they want to use in their story. Finally, the story is ready. Although it is a very short story, each story will vary according to each creator. It is easy to use and the steps are very clear. The images are attractive for kids. Creating stories can benefit students to develop their skills for planning a storyline. This will give students the opportunity to develop a sense of transition to create stories such as narratives. Strahovnik& Mecava (2009) explain the benefits of storytelling when combined with technology. With regard to storytelling, they believe that stories help students develop communication skills as most of these tools facilitate the creation of user-generated content and its publication.

How to Use Story Maker

To create your own story using Story Maker, you have to follow the following steps.

1) Access the following site:

2) Click on “NEXT”

3) Choose the type of story you would like to create. Click on one of the three options: “Fairy Story”, “Horror Story” or “Science Fiction Story”

4) Click on the character you want to use. Then click on “NEXT”

5) After that, click on the place where the story will occur. Then click on “NEXT”

6) Choose another character which will appear in your story. Then click on “NEXT”

7) Click on the option you like most which is information for your story. Then click on “NEXT”

8) Click on a scary creature that will appear in your story. Then click on “NEXT”

9) Wait for some seconds until your story is ready.

10) When your story is finished, click on “PRINT”

11) Click on “IMPRIMIR”
Let’s work with Story Maker!

Group: 5th form
Age: 10-11 years old
You will use StoryMaker to create a story.

Storytime: You will listen to the story “Funny Bunny Rabbit”
Then we will write the names of the characters on the board, the objects mentioned which are important for the story, the place where it occurs and the time. We will discuss why each character behaves in that way and how it influences to the rest of its friends.

At this stage of the lesson, you will work in the computer lab.
1. First, you will go to the website:
2. You will follow the instructions and create a story.
3. There are three different types of stories. So you will choose the one you like best and select the characters, place and objects which will be part of your story.
4. Show your story to the teacher. When the story is ready, print it using the printer at school.
5. In pairs, read your story aloud and compare with your classmate the different options you use for your story.
We will discuss the similarities and differences among the stories. Then we will discuss about how stories are created. You will mark the introduction, the development and the conclusion in your story.

What’s next
You will create your own story in a Word Document. You will include the title of the story. Remember you should include:
  • An introduction with the time and place where the story occurs and the main character,
  • The development: add a new character and objects important for the story. Add a conflict which makes your story interesting!
  • A conclusion: at this point, the conflict is solved.
Remember you can use StoryMaker as a basic model of your story.

Evaluation Criteria·
  • Appropriate election of characters, setting and events in a story.
  • Appropriate use of language for the final production
  • Participation in class
  • Task accomplishment: work handed in in time.