Automotivator is a tool for creating printable motivational posters or parody desmotivational poster. You choose pictures colours and text and you create your poster.

To start click on this link and follow the steps:

1. First, you have to select a photo from the computer to use. Click on SELECT FILE.


2. Then, you select the photo and click on open


3. After that, you write the title you are going to use and then choose the option and colour you want for it.


4. Write the text that goes under the title and click on preview to see how it will look like.


5. When you finish click on save and choose the option SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER. Then, you will upload the image in the blog.


Topic: Teacher's day

Group: 4th - 5th formers

Age: 9-11

Activity: you are going to create a poster for your favourite teacher on teacher's day. First, you are going to select a picture from the internet. Then, you are going to write a tittle of no more than 3 words and a short message in one sentence.

When you have finished you are going to save the poster and you will email it to your teacher. After you receive the feedback you can upload it to the school blog.

Let's make nice surprise posters for teachers on their day. to start click on this link:

Evaluation Criteria:

Your teacher will evaluate:

a) Accomplishment of the task

b) Appropriate use of language

c) Appropriate use of the tool