Fodey is a web tool that allows the user to input text into a form and convert it into a variety of formats such as newspaper clippings, wizard text and talking owls.

It is very simple to use, requires no login, and generates a bulletin board worthy product. Keep in mind that what the generator produces is what looks like newspaper clippings, not whole articles.

The Fodey website provides templates to apply text to. This seemingly simple idea creates fun clips and resources.

Pedagogical Implications

It is a very useful Web 2.0 tool for students to practise their writing and reading skills. As they write and teachers monitor their progress, learners can enhance and improve their overall linguistic abilities. By learning how grammatical structures and vocabulary are appropiately used, their speaking skill is also likely to improve.

1. Click on this link to get started:


2. Give a name to your newspaper, write the date and start writing your story.


3. Once you have finished writing your story, write the headline of it. It should be a title that catches your audiences' attention


4. Finally, click on the ‘GENERATE’ button to see the final product.The button is below the story written


5. To download your image, click on ‘DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGE’, which is below the image of the newspaper.


6.Note that direct linking to the newspaper clippings doesn't work; the images are deleted from the server after a short time span.

I downloaded my newspaper clipping to my computer in order to save it. Have a look at this example...



Topic: Science Fair at school

Group: secondary school students

Age: 15 - 17 years old

Activity: Now that you know how to create a newspaper article, it's time for you to create your own! We have just had a science fair at school: choose some of the stands you have visited and the projects you have seen and write an article retelling your experience at the fair. Your writing piece should have between 100 and 120 words. Remember to choose a suitable and catching title! Once you have finished and saved your picture, email it to your teacher so that it can be added to the school journal later. Hope you have fun!

Evaluation criteria:
The teacher will evaluate:
1) Range of grammatical structures and vocabulary used.
2) Cohesion and coherence of the text.
3) Choice of a suitable title.
4) Connection between the topic provided and the actual content of the writing piece.
5) Length of the writing piece.