Avatar Maker is a website that enables you to create your own personalized characters. You can choose the colour of eyes, type of hair or any other accesory you may want to add. There are many uses you can make of this website. For example, King (2010) states that "Avatars can be used by classroom teachers when designing digital stories or delivering content. Avatars can represent a tour guide explaining travels along the Silk Road, or represent real life characters like Mark Twain giving a lecture on his home or Einstein introducing the solar system."

If you want to to star working with this tool, go to to the website http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

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1) To begin with, click on the different parts of the body and choose the feature you want your Avatar to have. For example, if you click on "eyes" you will get dfferent types of eyes. Choose one.

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2) When you decide on the types of eyes, previw your Avatar in the upper right corner of your screen. If you want to make changes, feel free to do so!

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3) Continue clicking on the different features you want to modify until you feel satisfied with the appearance of your Avatar.

4) When you feel your creation is ready, click on "Download" below your Avatar.

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Take a look at my Avatar!


Activity n°1
Group: 5th formers
Age: 10-11

1) First of all, you are going to access http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml and start creating your own Avatar. It may be you, a friend or a character you have decided to make up. Try to add to your character as many accesories as possible.

2) You will print out your Avatar, paste it in your notebook and give it a name.

3) Then, you will write 10 sentences comparing your own Avatar with the one your classmate sitting next to you has designed. Remember to use the conjunction "but" to express contrast and comparatives and superlatives as well. For example:
-Susy has black hair but Tony hasn't. He has got blond hair.
-Susy can read but Tony can't.
-Susy is fatter than Tonny.

Evaluation criteria:

-Accurate use of language (verbs, conjunction but, comparatives and superlatives)
-Appropriate use of vocabulary (adjectives and nouns)