Cambridge English Online Flashcard Maker
Mariangeles Esquerdo
Cambridge English Online **FlashCardMaker** website is a free web tool that allows its visitors to create their own flash cards for free for their students and children. It is a simple and user-friendly web application to create nice flash cards for any project. You can add images and text to the cards and also choose the number of cards in the deck. You can also print these flash cards on your A4 size paper.
It is very easy to create flash cards with this free application. You can easily add images from the custom library or draw your own images. With the combination of images and text you can develop motivating flash cards for your students. You can share them with everyone because the applicate enables you to print the flashcards.

First you can choose the number of flashcards you want per page (layout)

Then, you will be presented with a box on the right side of the window, where some option will be presented: Use image library, Draw your own image, Add text, Add Phonemic script. The application has a very comprehensive and detailed number of images in the library you can choose among hundreds using this free tools. You can Edit or resize the images in your cards.
Then, you can also add text and even use a photetics key-board


Phonemic scripts can be added to the images in order to teach pronunciation:

ACTIVITY Cambridge English Online Flashcard Maker

Level: ELT Teachers
Topic: Vocabulary: Fruit and vegetables

Warmer: Let´s imagine you have just taught a unit on vocabulary to your very young learners: “Fruit and Vegetables”. You have used big posters but now you want to continue recycling and practicing these concepts
Web: you will create ten different flashcards using the Cambridge English Online Flashcards Maker. Remember to add the text to each card and the correct pronunciation.
What Next: you will bring a bag or a box to the class with these flashcards for students to remove with their eyes closed and say what this fruit/vegetable is to the rest of the class.