What is ESL video?


ESLvideo.com is a website which enables you to create web based interactive quizzes based around online videos. It helps students to improve their listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The quiz activities and lessons can be created by teachers and students, and are free to use in class, lab, or at home. Both teachers and students are welcome to build a library of favourites, assign quizzes, view student scores, and create new quizzes. First, you have to create an account and then select the kind of activity you want to do. There are activities prepared on this page so you can also browse through it and work collaboratively.
ESL video is another way to use video to generate student thinking by getting students watch a short video clip and then writing questions about the clip. This site enables teachers to create motivating tasks for learners that exploit online video. It also helps to by pass the need for some of the problems associated with accessing online video in class as the tasks can easily be set for homework and the site will track students results for you too.

How to use it
1) It is necessary to create an account. Click on “Register”.


2) Complete the form with your information. Then, log in to start using it.


3) Click on the option “Click here to create a quiz”.


4) Complete the form to get started. Title your quiz. Then copy and paste the video embed code from a video on YouTube or other video hosting website.


5) Click on the options underlined to edit the information you want to use.


6) Then, click on the word Questions and add the questions and the options for the answer. Click on "Send".


7) Add as many questions as you like and click on “Click here to view your quiz”.


Have a look at a Sample clicking here.

Let’s work with ESL video!Level: Upper Intermediate
Age: 16-17
Topic: Second World War


You will use eslvideo.com to create a quiz


As you have already been working with the Second World War in History, you will revise the main facts that happened between 1939 and 1945. Discuss the causes of the war, the countries involved and the aftermath of the war. You can visit this website:


Browse the Internet and look for an interesting video that summarizes the key events in the war. Use eslvideo.com to create a quiz for your classmates. Remember to include the sources of the information at the end of the presentation.

What next:

Exchange your work with a classmate and solve the quizzes. Give feedback to your partner. Remember to save a screenshot of the results and save them in your computer.
Evaluation criteria:
  • Appropriate use of the web tool.
  • Choice of video.
  • Correct use of language.
  • Accurate use of information.

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Done by María Inés Pavan, 2015.