What is Educima?

Educima is a web page which contains many tools for teaching. One of them is the Wordsearch generator that creates word searches with the words that you type in to use. You can create, modify, complete, print or share your own word search with anyone you want to. This website gives the tool for free and it is open to any user, it requires no registration.

What can teachers do with Educima?

Teachers can use word searches mainly to reinforce the vocabulary students learn when they are reading and also to develop visual acuity for recognizing English words. A word search can help to develop pattern of words recognition, improve spelling, boost memory, make students work faster, extend vocabulary, encourage problem-solving and more.


According to the SAMR model proposed by Puentedura, this tool would be of great help when trying to use technology in the classroom. Educima would also be placed in the Substitution level, mainly because technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change. The Digital Competence Framework, which is part of the PLANIED, suggests six dimensions to promote digital literacy, Educima can be the tool that promotes information management and reading comprehension mainly.

How to use Educima

1) First, access the website https://www.educima.com/ Then, click on “Generador de sopa de letras” to start creating your project. tutorial 1 edu.jpg
2) Second, you will see that you can start filling the labels of the word search.
tutorial 2 edu.jpg
3) Third, you can write the title of the word search, subtitle (where you can include instructions to complete the activity). The level of difficulty of the words (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
tutorial 3 edu.jpg
4) Fourth, you can start writing below the words you want students to look for in the word search. And then, click on “Submit” to have the final product, the word search.
tutorial 4 edu.jpg
5) Fifth, once the word search appears in a new window, you can choose whether you want to print it, save it, or download it to your computer.
tutorial 5 edu.jpg

Sample lesson with Educima
Group: 4th form
Age group: 8-9
Duration: 50 minute lesson
Communicative goal: Writing about animals
Objectives: Identifying main words in texts

The teacher will read to students some descriptions and clues for them to guess two animals previously taught. After guessing, students will tell descriptions and clues about more animals to tell their classmates.
In the computer lab, students will do the following:
1) They will form groups of three.
2) Each group will choose a different animal and will read about it online. They can use web pages such as:
3) The teacher will explain to students to look for the main words that describe animals and make a list of those words, words related to the animals’ natural habitat, the size of the animal, adjectives that describe the animal and more. The students’ will create the list and will hand it in to the teacher for feedback and correction.
4) Once students have the feedback, they will access https://www.educima.com/
The teacher will explain to them how to create a word search with the main words they collected from the information they read online.
5) After finishing, the groups will exchange the word search printed version and start solving the activity.
Students will be given a mark and will be evaluated in the following way.
how to 1.jpg
What’s next
Students will have to work with dictionaries online and they will look for new words that appeared in the word search. Then, they will share the definitions to the class. They can use the following dictionaries: