How to use is a collaborative whiteboard where you can create your own mural in order to share and discuss your ideas with others. It empowers creativity and imagination by allowing you to create a visual representation of your thoughts. It also enables collaboration as you can build your mural together with a team. You can include text, images, video and hyperlinks to access other webpages. has a free version you can try out by following the steps below

Step 1: Go to the website and click on SIGN-UP FOR FREE.

Step 2: Create an account. You need to write your email address, your username, your organization (if you belong to any) and your password. Next, click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Step 3: Click on CREATE MURAL.

Step 4: Think of a title for your mural and write it on the box. Then, click on CREATE MURAL.

Step 5: If you wish, watch the video tutorial.Otherwise, close it and move on to step 6.

Step 6: Click on the background icon to select the background you want.

Step 7: Click on the text tools icon to add titles, text boxes and sticky notes to your mural.Drag the option you want to your mural.

Step 8: Click on the image search tab on the left to search for images and add them to your mural.


Write keywords on the search bar to find the images you want or click on UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES if you want to upload the ones stored in your computer.


Step 9: Click on the shapes icon to see the available shapes which will help you to organize and connect your ideas. Drag the ones you want to add to your mural.

Step 10: Click on the stickers icon to addstickers to your mural and communicate visually.


Step 11: Click on the spaces icon to add areas and spaces to your canvas and organize information better. Drag the chosen option to your mural.


Step 12: Click on the web content icon to add any type of media from the web or your computer to your mural. Paste the URL on the field. Then, drag it to your mural.

Step 13: Once you have finished your mural, click on the share icon and select the option you want: share, embed or download as an image.

You can share your mural by creating a view link for your mural.

You can embed it on another website by generating an embed code.

You can download your mural as an image. This will be sent to your email account.

Here you can see a sample of a mural I created using

Go to this link to watch it as a presentation: TV PROGRAMMES

Working with
Age: 12 – 15
Level: Intermediate

You will work with groups, you will create a mural about communication technology.
a) You have to include information about the devices you use for communication and getting information.
b) You have to explain how these are useful for you and what disadvantages you think they have and why.
c) You have to include text, pictures, video and links to other websites with relevant information.
d) You are ready to start creating your mural. Go to the website


Evaluation criteria
Your teacher will evaluate:
a) Accomplishment of the task
b) Appropriate use of the language
c) Appropriate use of the tool