Padlet is a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device.
Pedagogical Implications
Padlet can be used in the following ways:
  • to brainstorm ideas from a class
  • to collate research on a topic
  • to gauge understanding on a topic
  • to test student knowledge
  • to curate website links
  • to share information to an audience

Examples of activities done with Padlet:
  1. Book Reviews: For classrooms reading books such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or The Great Gatsby, Padlet offers a great venue for students to share their thoughts. Young people can highlight favorite quotes, ask questions, and discuss characters and more. Teachers can then take the page and present it in class to spark continued face-to-face discussion.
  2. Topic Summary: Useful for any subject from math to earth science, Padlet can help teachers summarize a large amount of information and present it in a visually pleasing way. Educators can put in text, photos, graphs and other learning tools and share the image with students before a big test or discussion.
  3. Greeting Cards or "Thank You" Wall: Have you had a speaker come in recently to share his/her knowledge on a particular subject? Or did a famous author come in and read his/her latest book? Padlet is a great tool for sending a group "thank you" note. Each student can post an individual message, and the platform offers many interesting designs and other tools for personalizing the card.
  4. Questions Board: Students can access a "questions" board 24/7 and anonymously post questions. The teacher can then read off and answer the questions each day.
  5. Opinion/Forum: Educators can post a particular topic or issue, and students can post their opinions on the subject. This is a great building block for teaching students how to write opinion pieces or persuasive essays.

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  1. Go to and click on “Entrar o Registrarse”

2. Complete the chart with your email address and a password. Then, click on “Registrarse”

3. Complete the chart with your name and a user name. Then click on “Guardar y continuar”
4. Click on “create new Padlet”
5. Go to the tools that are on the right and click on “Modify the wall (Modificar este muro)”. There you can complete the chart with the title of the wall and write a description about it. You can also choose an image as a portrait.
6. You can change the wallpaper by clicking on the option “Wallpaper” and then clicking on the one you want to use.

6 b.png
7. Double click on the wall to write something. If you want to add a picture, image or video, you can upload it or take a photo with your webcam.
8. If you want to continue writing or adding more sections to the wall, double click on the place of the wall where you want to write. If you want to add another image or video, repeat step 7.
9. You can change the layout by clicking on “Modify the wall” and the clicking on “Layout”. You can choose between a “Freeform” , “Stream” or “Grid”
10. You can click on “Share/Export” and click on the option you want in order to share the wall, send it by email or print it.

Level: 5 th grade
Age: 10 and 11 years old
Topic: Biology – Animal endanger
Objective: to be able to investigate and write about animals in danger of extinction

After discussing about the main animals that are in danger of extinction, go to In pairs, create a wall that includes information about animals in danger of extinction. You have to provide information about the general characteristics of the animal and the reasons why they are endanger. You have to include images and at least one video. Once you finish your wall, you have to send it to my email account.

If you have any doubt as regards the web tool, you can go to the tutorial.

Here you have an example of a wall created with Padlet!

Evaluation Criteria
The teacher will evaluate the following:
  1. Appropriate use of the well tool
  2. Appropriate and correct use of vocabulary and use of English
  3. Appropriate selection of material
  4. Addition of video and images


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