Pezu! Get your writing on!

Penzu is an online tool that works as journal. Penzu gives you the possibility to make your entries at any time and are automatically dated. It allows you to keep your entries private as well as sharing them by email with any one you’d like or printing them. Registration is easy and does not demand much information.

According to Nik Peachy (2010). Penzu is an online tool that from which you can profit in a number of ways. It allows you to create online material to share with your students, it can be used to create a writing portfolio with class material and homework, you can send a summary of the class to your students as a reminder or to keep track of the topics dealt with, it can be used to send model writings for your students to have a reference of what you are asking for, among others.

"What' s great about using a tool like this is that it makes students written work much moreaccessible, they can integrate high quality images with the work and it remains as atangible record of their progress and achievements. It's also very content focused andthere is no fuss with formating or different fonts. It's just about the writing." (Peachy,2010)

Check out this tutorial to see how Penzu works and try it yourself:


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This is a suggested activity to apply Penzu to your classroom.

Grade: High School – Senior II and over
Level: Intermediate
During a history lesson in high school, teachers usually tackle the events leading to WWI and WWII as well as the events that developed during war. While working with the syllabus, students can be asked to work on Pezu to summarize what the y have learnt during each lesson.

Starting with the events that lead to the First World War, students will be asked to pretend to be journalists keeping a private journal about the events. Each entry should be written in first person and make as real as possible by adding feelings and real events to their writings. Visit the links below to see examples:
The entries have to follow a chronological order and should be shared with the teacher via email or by sharing the public links to their posts on weekly bases. Students will be graded according to the accuracy of the information in their posts, the selection of the information included, creativity of their posts as well as due dates.

Ayelen Roldan