What is Photopeach

PhotoPeach is a Web-based slideshow builder that makes it easy to get started. The platform directs you to upload your photos, either from your computer or an online service.
If you use the free version of PhotoPeach, you’ll be limited to including 30 photos in your slideshow.
Once your photos are uploaded, you can set the time interval for photos and the music you’d like to accompany your slideshow. If you haven’t opted for a premium account, you’re limited to PhotoPeach’s small selection of background music or you can opt to search YouTube for a song of your liking. PhotoPeach doesn’t offer any background templates; instead it keeps the focus right on your photos, which is a nice touch. It offers limited customization options, but casual users will find enough here to meet their needs.
Photopeach for Education
Photopeach is used by educators and students in hundreds of schools worldwide.
The combination of images, music, and text helps students learn about presentation, expression, writing, communication skills, art appreciation, and media literacy. The quality of the finished work is great and students will remember it forever.
How to use Photopeach

1) In order to start using Photopeach, you need to create an account. It´s very easy! You have to press the “Sign up for free” button, introduce a nick name, your email and a password.

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2) Once you have registered, you have to “upload photos” in order to start crating your presentation. You can upload photos from your computer or from other sources such as facebook.

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3) You can upload one photo at a time or select multiple files to upload.

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4) If you want to delete one picture, you simply drag it to the right side of the board.

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5) You can drag and drop photos in order to change their order.


6) Once you have selected all your photos and their order, you should click the “next” button.

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7) In this second step you can choose a title for your slide-show by simply writing the name. You can also select the speed in which your photos will be displayed.

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8) In the right square “description” you can add a description for each photograph. You have to use one line per photograph.

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9) You can also select the music you want for your presentation. Yan can choose the music available or you can select a song from you tube.

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10) Once you have selected all your items, you have to press the “finish” button.

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11) Your presentation will be displayed.

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12) If you want to edit your presentation, you can press the “edit” button at the right top of the page and do it.
13) You can also share you presentation on facebook, twitter or you can send it to your friends by e-mail. You only need to press the corresponding button at right side of the page.

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Students will visit a museum of Arts. T will ask them to carry a device in order to take photographs.
In the class, the T will ask students about the pictures they have seen at the museum in order to brainstorm information.
The teacher will ask students to prepare a presentation about the visit to the Art Museum using Photopeach. They should include a short description of each picture and a song related to the visit. They will work in groups of four.
What next

Each group will show their presentation to the rest of the class, giving a short explanation about the elements they have chosen.
Open the following link to see my own presentation at Photopeach: http://photopeach.com/album/q1vd6u