How to use Pimpampum by Sofía Priano

Pimpampum is a great tool if you want to show your feeling in a vivid way. You can write a message and use images to magnify it.

  1. To star working with Pimpampum, enter this website

2. Write a phrase or sentence on the blank space


3. Once you have written it, click on "Start"

pim 2.jpg

4. You can select an image by clicking on the word you want. You can click on "More images" so that you have more pictures to choose

pim 3.jpg

5. Once you have chosen the image you like best, click on "Done"

pim 4.jpg

6. If you want to change any image you have chosen, click on "Change" at the top of the picture

pim 5.jpg

7. When you finish choosing all the images, write a title and your name on the blank spaces. Finally, click on "Publish"

pim 6.jpg

Click on this link to see an example of a Pimpampun creation


Group: 6th form
Age: 11-12
Level: Beginner
Topic: "You'll be in my heart"

Now that you know how to work with Pimpampum and we have already listened to and analyzed the song "You'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins, let's create a beautiful message to share with your friends.

  1. Go to You'll be in my heart lyrics to read the song. You can also watch this video You'll be in my heart video to listen to the song again
  2. Choose your favourite phrase from the song
  3. Go to Pimpampum website and follow the steps provided in the tutorial
  4. Next class, you will share your message with your classmated and explain why you chose a certain phrase from the song

Evaluation criteria

  • Creativity as regards the images you choose to represent the words in your phrase
  • Use of language in class when you explain to your classmates the choice for the phrase

Have fun!