How to use Quizrevolution

Quizrevolution is a web tool that allows the user to create a quiz or a survey. It is very simple to use and it is free. You only need to create an account, which is very easy to do.
Once you have completed your quiz you can either send students a link to it or you can embed the quiz into your own website or blog.

Pedagogical implications

This tool would really benefit your students. Quizrevolution is a platform for do-it-yourself quizzes and surveys. Thomas (2009) makes a point of using these web 2.0 tools with our students because they will be able to “to share and contribute ideas and work.” By doing this, they would have the “ability to truly extend the walls of our classrooms.”

Motteram (2013) states that vocabulary, grammar and syntax are important blocks in learning English. He also writes:

ICT has traditionally done this part of assessment very well through the use of multiple choice, true or false, ranking, matching and other types of self-assessment exercises and quizzes.

ICT can add value to these types of assessments too. Online quizzes can be provided that students can access at any time, allowing for greater flexibility in the timing and organisation of assessments. Many systems can even automatically mark student input, which has the potential to impact on the timeliness of feedback, provide students with useful knowledge of their progress (at least in terms of grammar, syntax, or comprehension questions) and allow students to repeat the exercises as needed.

[…] This scaffolding approach can be very powerful for this type of procedural knowledge in ELT. There are a number of free tools online that can easily be used to produce online quizzes and tests.

As Motteram has stated above, Quizrevolution fits his description because it helps you create online quizzes. They provide our students with the practice they need to improve their reading comprehension skills and also their grammar and syntax. For the teacher, this tool is user-friendly. Quizrevolution webpage describes their platform as follows: “They require zero programming experience and zero designing expertise.As you will read below, it would not be very difficult for the teacher or the students to make a quiz.

Now the tutorial :)

STEP 1: Go to and click on create a quiz. You will need to create an account.


STEP 2: After that, you will get to the Setup section. In this section, you write the name of your quiz, you choose the font, and the background. You can also choose a cover for your quiz.

As an example, here it’s my quiz. You can see, I chose a different font for the questions and for the buttons. I started with a cover page where I wrote the name of the quiz and I added a picture of the animal the students are going to answer.


STEP 3: Click on Questions. In this section, you can write as many questions as you want. You can also set a time limit.
For my quiz, I wanted to write three options for each question. But you have other options with: you can have one,two or more correct answers. On the right of each answer, you can choose the correct option.


STEP 4: on the Publish section, you get the URL and the embed code. There is also the option to publish it on Facebook. On the right, there is a screen. You can check the final version of the quiz.


Of course, you can edit it as many times as you want. Just go to your account and check your quizzes.

You can click here to access the Cassowary Quiz (

Activity using Quizrevolution

7th grade

Topic: Famous People

Grammar focus: WH questions using the Simple Present and Simple Past.


Students have chosen a famous person and have worked on writing a biography about this person.

The previous classes the students have listened to their classmates’ presentations, now each group will have to write 10 questions and create a quiz using Quizrevolution.

The teacher will explain to the students how to use and will show them an example of the final product (here).

They will create the quiz to check whether their classmates had been listening to them. The teacher will also answer the quizzes.

The students will work with their groups. They will first select the information they want to test and then they will start working with the questions.


They will work on the quiz. Teacher will check their work and help them with their doubts.

What’s next:

All the students will share their quizzes by using the URL code.

Evaluation criteria:

- Appropriate use of the tool.

- Appropiate use of the Present Simple and Past Simple Tenses.

- Group work.

- Appropriate use of vocabulary.

That’s all folks!

Motteram, G. (2013). Innovations in learning technology for English language teaching. British Council (London).
Thomas, M. (2009). Handbook of research on Web 2.0 and second language learning. Hershey, PA: Information science reference.

Now the tutorial:
STEP 1: Go to and click on create a quiz. You will need to create an account.
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STEP 2: After that, you will get to the Setup section. In here, you write the name of your quiz, you choose the font, and the background. You can also choose a cover for your quiz.