Smore: How do I use it?

Smore is an attractive tool to design beautiful and effective online flyers and newsletters in a very easy fashion. Smore offers an easy and simple interface to get you started creating flyers from scratch.

With Smore you can create attractive material that can be used in a number of settings, including the classroom. Usually, learning experiences may be reinforced by using many visual stimulants and materials. Smore can turn any rather monotonous activity into a motivational project with an original outcome and share it for others to see. As Nik Peachey suggests, web 2.0 tools increase in learners features such as socialization, collaboration, creativity, authenticity, and sharing, making the learning experience worth it!

  • Peachey, N. (2010). Web 2.0 for teachers.


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1. In order to use Smore, you should create an account.


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Click “Try Smore now (it’s free)”. You can set up a Smore account or login using your Facebook account.

2. You may start a tour in order to know how Smore works.


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3. You may skip step 2 and just create you flyer! Click the “Start a New Flyer” button. In the window that opens you can select a template for the type of flyer you wish to create or you can start from a blank flyer.


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4. Personalize the flyer with your information. Add a title for your flyer.


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5. Select the design for your flyer. Click the drop-down menu to choose your design.


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You may choose from a variety of designs, background, colors and fonts.


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6. Don't forget to save your work!

7. Update your privacy settings. You may make your work public or private.


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8. Save and (if wanted) publish your flyer.

9. You can also share your flyers via email.


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See a sample here: Assignment 1

Want to try this out? Go here.

Smore: Activity

Level: College students

Topic: Literary and Technical translation (English-Spanish)


After having completed the assignments for the year, you will have to submit your translations in and make them public.


You will have to create an account in and add a title and a final reflection on your assignments and the course in general in order to create a final portfolio with the works of the year. You will have to add each assignment as a new “flyer” in your Smore account. Make sure to include your reflection as a new flyer, so in total you should share six (6) flyers.

What next

Share your portfolio with your teacher and classmates via email.

Evaluation criteria

  • Appropriate use of the Smore tools.

  • Appropriate final reflection on the assignments (Student’s course achievements).


  • SOCIALISATION which enables learners to use the language and skills. They begin to establish a relationship with the classroom and the real world.
  • COLLABORATION which enables learners to learn how to work in group and respects others' opinion. They actually learn how to work in groups.
  • CREATIVITY which enables them to create their own products having in mind a real audience.
  • AUTHENTICITY is present through out the tasks. They do activities and communicate in the way they do in real life.
  • SHARING because they can share their production and they can also learn from each another.

According to Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR method, technology plays an important role in the classroom. First, technology enhances the task that students are supposed to do and secondly, technology transforms what students do in the class.
Focusing on the fact that technology acts as a transformational tool, it is important to mention the Modification and Redefinition aspects. On the modification, students carry out tasks which – although conceivably based on traditional learning task – are significantly changed or modified by the technology.
On the redefinition stage, technology seems to play a more revolutionary role, allowing for new ways of working and leaning.

Language Level: Advanced.

Age: fifteen.

Group: 3 year.

Students are going to design an invitation for their parents. Students are going to invite them to see a concert at a theater. For that, they will need to include all the necessary information. Students’ concert is about The Adventure of Tom Sawyer.


T will write on the board the word INVITATION and she will ask students to mention the essential things that should be included in there such as address, information about the time and place and so on.


Students will have to look for some pictures in order to include them in the invitation. For this, they can use the Google Searcher

Then, they will go through Google maps.

There, they are going to type the theater address. They will take a screenshot of the map and they will save it as an image. Then, they are going to include it in the invitation.

Once they have got everything they need, they will go to SMORE. They will start creating their online invitation. In case they need to watch a tutorial before starting they can do so.

This is an example of the product that students have to get:


Before downloading and sending the invitation to their parents, they are going to go over the invitation in order to make sure they have included all the details. This will be done orally as a classroom activity.

By Lucía Moreno - UTN INSPT, 2017.