What is Witty Comics?

Witty Comics is a comic strip creator where you can select two characters talking to each other. You may choose the place you feel is appropriate for the short comic you would like to develop and write the characters’ lines in the thought, shout, whisper or normal bubbles.

How to use Witty Comics:
  • Before using the tool.
Create an account by clicking on “Witty Comics Account” , check your e-mail's inbox and have a look at the password and user name the Witty website have sent you. Go back to the Witty Webpage and log in with the password and user name provided.

witty 1.jpg

  • Step 1
Now you are a member of the Witty Comics website!


  • Step 2
First, select the characters and the scene. Then, type the narration in the rectangle below the picture of the first scene.

witty 3.jpg

  • Step 3

Then, select one of the bubbles at the bottom of the comic and type what you want the first person to say, whisper, shout or think of.
witty 5.jpg
  • Step 4
Do the same like in step 3 but in the bubble of the second character.

witty 4.jpg

  • Step 5
Follow the previous steps to finish the next two pictures or scenes.

  • Step 6
Remember to send the link to your teacher and if everything is correct, you will be allowed to print the comic strip for the projects’ display the English department is organizing.

Have a look at my comic strip!
by Catalina Sarbach
Witty 6.jpg


Now it is your turn to create your comics!

Group: 6th grade

Age: 11-12

Level: Pre-intermediate

Topic: Place I want to visit and places I don’t want to.

witty images.jpg

1.In pairs, go to Witty Comics and follow the steps provided in the tutorial.

2.Write a dialogue between two people.

3.One of them asks the other the places he would like to visit on day.

4.The other responds and asks him the same questions. Then, they talk about the places they do not want to visit.

5.Once you have finished it, show it to your teacher and she will correct it. In case there are mistakes, you will have to modify what the teacher tells you.

After this, you will bring your comic strip printed for next class and you will role play the dialogue you created with your partner.

Evaluation criteria:


Use of the website

Use of grammar