Jeopardy Game Activities
Age group: 10 year olds
Level: Intermediate
We will make a chart on the board with films you know, inventions, and sports. In pairs, you will discuss what you already know about them.


The class will be divided in three groups. Each group will create a Jeopardy Game for the other two groups to compete. You will look for information on the Internet to make questions and answers according to the categories Sports, Inventions and Films. Therefore, you will need to make only three columns to create the game.
You may use the following websites to find information for your Jeopardy Games:

Enchanted Learning
Fact Monster
National Archives
external image film-nights.jpgexternal image inventions.jpg

external image sports.jpg

What next:

In pairs, you will write a paragraph of about 100 words about one of the three categories (Sports, Films or Inventions) we’ve been dealing with. Write about what you have learned in this lesson in relation to the category you’ve chosen.

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