Why use Dvolver?

Dvolver Moviemaker is a simple tool that enables you to create your own animated cartoons by selecting from a range of characters backgrounds and scenarios and adding your own dialogue text bubble. The movies can then be sent by email or embedded into blogs or websites for others to enjoy.
Whatʼs great about this website is that it is so simple and quick to use, but gives very professional looking results which can then be shared. Animation is also very engaging and is great at showing time relationships as they actually do exist in time.

How to use Dvolver

Go go www.dvolver.com and hit the Make a Movie button.

Select a background to your story and the sky. There are some interesting options that you would like to explore by hitting the orange arrows at the bottom left side of each column. When you’re done, hit the next button to continue.

Here’s where you select how your characters will interact. This is why it’s important to plan the story first: to select the interaction according to the plot. There are a number of options, depending on the type story you’ve thought of: drama, comedy, horror, etc.

Rendez-vous: the characters meet and then part their ways.

Pick-up: The characters meet and then part together.
Chase: One character chases the other

Soliloquoy: One character alone

4) Select a character. Explore the list by clicking on the arrows:

When you’re ready, hit the next button

5) Type in the character’s lines. You may type up to 100 text characters. Then press next.
6) Music: this helps set the mood of the story. You may want to choose the music of the scene according to the type of story you will be writing.

By clicking on each style, you will get a sample of the music. When you’re ready, you may add a new scene or simply finish the movie.

8) Movie Title Design: because this is a movie, you can design its title. There are four styles: classic, horror, radioactive and seventies. Choose the most appropriate one, according to the movie you’ve just created.

9) Preview and send: You can get a preview of your movie and even send it to your friends!
In the Recipient Name(s) field, you can write the name of your friend.
In the Recipient Email(s) field, write his email address.
Type in your email address in the last field.
Select yes if you would like to get emails from Dvolver with updates or news.
Hit send to finish.


Sample -

Age group:

REVISION ACTIVITY: In pairs, you’re going to prepare a short movie/story with the online application Dvolver.
1) Students have been working with the following expressions throughout the whole Unit. They will have to choose 4 of the following to make a 10 line dialog:

- You’re pulling my leg!
- I’m not joking
- Here she comes.
- Hey, cheer up!
- It’s not the end of the world!
- What are we going to do?
- Why don’t we …?
- OK. Let’s go there then.
- But there’s one problem …

2) Students will show their work it to the teacher for correction.

3) They will then go to www.dvolver.com and make their movie! Students will be instructed to go back to the tutorial if they have doubts or problems with the tool.