This is a revision or integration activity to be done after working on 3 or 4 topics using We Video. Divide your students into groups. Tell them that they are going to make a video simulating a news broadcast. They will prepare a script and they will have to agree on the different roles they will play within the program. For example, the may have worked on the areas of Sports, crime, the weather and fashion, so they can include the weather forecast, a piece of news about the latest fashions, briefly describe what happened in the sports world in the last week and report the worst or most surprising crime of the week. This is a very engaging activity as students will be able to use all the vocabulary they learned in an unconventional way and choosing the topic they like the most.

Bear in mind that this is not just a one-step activity but more of a project. Therefore, you may need to give your students two or three weeks to finish the video. They Will have to write the script, record themselves and edit the video and the time they take to do that will depend on the group itself, whether they have time to get together outside school or they can use the computers At school, etc.

I hope you enjoy the activity and you apply it with your students so that they enjoy it as well.